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Compliance Mastermind: Strategies for your healthcare compliance program and your career

Oct 24, 2017

Today I thought it would be fun to take a break from talking about legal and regulatory obligations and talk about how we can make compliance engaging and maybe even a little fun. Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week is coming up the week of November 5th – 11th. I know a lot of organizations use this week to highlight their compliance program. I also know a lot of other organizations maybe don’t celebrate any particular week, but may do something outside of the box every once in a while to help raise the profile of the compliance function. 

Every organization is different and has its own tolerance for fun and innovation, and the activities I talk about today can all be modified to fit the culture of your company.

Resources from the HCCA/SCCE 

"Let's Get Ethical" from The Office 

YouTube video from WellCare introducing their compliance team for Compliance Week 2016: 

(Dis) Honesty: The Truth About Lies: 

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